Varient on OTO not showing in Clickfunnels


I installed PayPal V2 using funnelish. I also set up a varient for my OTO product in funnelish. The varient shows up great in the sale profile in Clickfunnels when I purchase using PayPal. But, it doesnt show up in Clickfunnels when I use Credit Card to complete the order. The OTO varient always showed up in the sale profile of Clickfunnels when I used Credit Card to purchase, but before using Funnelish.

Any help would be appreciated

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How did you setup your variants? Generally I expect that you used a dropdown of options which are stored under additional details of each customer…

When a customer pays using PayPal, that info is stored under the payer email not the optin one (in Clickfunnels)…

Looking forward to assisting you further,

Hello Samlee!

Thanks so much for your reply!

The variants on the OTO page are a drop down menu. The way we created the dropdown menu was by inserting a “select box” element on the OTO page. Inside the “select box” element, we chose “custom options” under “input type”. From there we entered all of the different size-variants (our oto product are sneakers in different sizes).

The shoe sizes are saved correctly, when customers purchase via paypal. But when customers make a purchase via Credit Card, the saved shoe size inside Clickfunnel ALWAYS defaults to size 11, regardless of what size was selected during the purchase process.

Do you know what’s happening here? How can we fix this?

Being able to offer both, Credit Card and Paypal, is huge in ecommerce. And we receive emails daily asking us to offer PayPal. We’re so thankful for Funnelish and what it will be able to do for our store, once we get this issue sorted out.

Thank you so much for your help! We so appreciate it!

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Hey Samlee,

Do you have any other ideas on how to fix this? Do you do any contract work? We’d love to hire to you fix this for us!


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@samlee Hey Samantha, I thought I’d ping you so you see my question for sure :slight_smile: Thanks so, so much in advance for your help!

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Thank you for the kind words Jeremy,

Tbh, It’s when PayPal doesn’t work that we usually see and then we debug it, But for Credit Card can you share or email us through [email protected] the URL links for the order form and the OTO that way we can make a test purchase or simulate one to see what could be wrong!

Thanks Samlee,

Yassine is working on this with us, and we’re so happy to have his help :slight_smile: Getting this problem solves will be a HUGE win for us :slight_smile:

For anyone reading this post, if you ever have any sort of issue with funnelish features not working on your funnel, Funnelish offers FANTASTIC one-on-one support! We didn’t realize this at first and we’re so grateful to be working one on one with Yassine now anytime we have any sort of issue.

Thanks Funnelish!!!