Video only with the play control button + Delay in Button visibility

Hello. I need help with 2 aspects of my funnel.

  1. The main part of my funnel is a video. The video I uploaded was using Vimeo, if autoplay is on and control are not showing the video will be muted for the customers, and if autoplay is not on and the controls are still not showing, the video is impossible to be played.

    Does anyone know how can I have the video playing with volume, but without the controls showing. Maybe just a play button that you can press at the start in order to have volume on the video.

  2. I would like a specific button or a part of the funnel landing page to be visible only after a certain time after the video has been played. Do you think this can be possible?

If this is not possible with funnelish, maybe there is another funnel platform that can suit my needs, I am open to any suggestion.

Thank you very much! I appreciate all the help.

Hi @ptkkkkk,

Both things are possible using a bit of custom coding.
We have already done something similar but this should be done through our Chat support.

Ps: You might be asked to upgrade to a higher plan.

Let us know how it goes,

Fey @Funnelish.

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