What are some recommended AutoResponders for Clickfunnels?

I am looking for some good AutoResponder to integrate with Clickfunnels what are the best options out there?

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Why can’t you just use a SMTP service through Clickfunnels?

All large SMTP providers (SparkPost, SendGrid…etc) offer above 30K emails per month for free, so it’s a great solution to get you started.


As @Sam mentioned probably having an SMTP instead and Actionetics within Clickfunnels sounds the most reasonable idea. that way you have all your contacts managed within Clickfunnels itself.

But if you incest, I would recommend ActiveCampaign, They seem most affordable but yet offering great reporting, segmentation and WorkFlows features.

If you are on a shoestring budget then, starting with Mailchimp would make sense too (though again a free SMPT sounds better). MailChimp offers a free account forever till you cross 2000 contacts.

P.S. Even though MailChimp promotes itself as free for first 2K contacts, it’s almost useless unless you want to use their campaigns feature alone, for workflows you’ll have to pay their monthly fee (10$/month for 500 contacts).


In that case I think I’m going for an SMTP then I can see that SendGrid already integrates well with Clickfunnels so will go with that.

thanks for the advice guys :blush: