What do I need to consider when scaling up to $100k per month?

I’m currently doing around 15-20K per month, and want to scale up to 100K per month. What are the things I should be considering while scaling up? and how?


First of all, that’s really impressing :slight_smile: Wish you more success.
To scale up from 20K per month to 100K level really isn’t as hard as scaling from your first $100 to the level you are at right now. It’s just a matter of doing little tweaks with greater impact. Unfortunately, you didn’t specify any context or kind of business you are running. But taking into account the type of community Funnelish is. Hopefully, you run an online business (such as drop shipping, physical products, coaching/info products…etc). If that’s the case here are my 3 top things to consider to scale up to your next milestone $100K:

#Step 1 - High Ticket Products/Services
As your business grows you’ll start seeing the limit of your market, and soon or later each of your products/services will reach its saturation period, thus selling more higher ticket products will be the ultimate choice, of course, that doesn’t mean selling them all through your funnels. Having high ticket products at the backend is really the key to 100K+ per month.
It’s a simple maths, It takes selling 100,000 x $1 sales to make $1 million. But it takes 1000 x $1000 sales to make the same amount.
This image below illustrates how that works: :stuck_out_tongue:

#Step 2 - Phone Follow-up
While making 20K+ I’d suggest hiring some support staff, that follow-up with your leads and potential customers and try to sell them higher ticket products and services (things we discussed in Step 1 above). Just please don’t just hire any support guy/gal randomly. Instead find phone sales professionals who have done it before, who have experience and good track record, put them on some pure commission (making it win-win for both of you, and they’ll make sure to work harder), each phone sales professional you hire should be able to easily make you 30K per month.

#Step 3 - Squeeze The Last $ Of Each Buyer
As mentioned previously on Step 1, It’s not about making “more sales” that’s not how you become a millionaire instead making “more per sale” that’s what matters most. And that’s what Clickfunnels does best, Once a buyer buys a specific product, offer them something more immediately as an upsell. If they refuse it offer something way better as a down sell, your options are endless, you can absolutely take it as far as you wish.

In this step, you should be really paying higher attention to your Cart Value, the higher the cart value the better.

Once you have higher enough cart value, you can then diverge your attention towards bringing in more leads, at this time you’ll be able to afford better quality leads, since you’ll be able to pay more per leads.


I would add to what @yassine explained, just a little trick that worked for me.

Once you implement everything that @yassine told you above, then as he said:

I’ll explain some of the tactics you can follow to do that:

  1. DSPs
    Demand Side Platform, such as Avazu and SiteScout. Through them your ads will be featured on millions of websites around the world wide web, that’s much larger audience than what facebook can bring you.

  2. Other Ads Networks
    Almost every beginner starts with Facebook Ads, and they think that’s where all the traffic is. But that’s not true. You can find way better quality traffic on platforms such as Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, and Bing Ads…etc, It’s worth expanding to those networks gradually.

  3. Partner With Influencers In Your Niche
    You can reach out to influencers in your niche in Instagram, Twitter, Websites…etc, to try to partner with them. That should get you more exposure.

  4. CPA & Affiliate Networks
    Once you’ve implemented all the 3 steps mentioned in the post above, at that time you can afford going towards CPA and having your own affiliates bringing sales on your behalf. You can afford to pay more per referred sale.

Those are some of the ideas, you can use to get more leads and expand your business all across the web. Just please keep in mind, increasing your cart value and $ per sale is the key to scaling up.

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I totally agree with what everyone is saying, especially the point of increasing your cart value instead of traffic.

A guy (who’s name that I forgot. :blush:) once said:

It’s not about getting more traffic or cheaper traffic, It is about building a more efficient selling process.

So in other words, you can add in auto webinars, more powerful email follow-up sequences, phone application form which gets them on the phone to sell them into higher ticket programs…

It’s all about building a more efficient sales machine, that’s what it all comes down to.