What does Programmable do?

What exactly does this app do. There are no topics regarding it and no sort of documentation.

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Good question @niksaev,

Programmable App, is a pretty advanced app that allows you to add dynamic stuff to your Funnels and pages on the fly,

Example you can do:

  • "You will receive this order by #{DAYS(5)}"
    That will show to your user the exact date after 5 days from the day they are viewing/ordering on your funnel.

  • "LIVE(100,200,2) Are viewing this product"
    That will show a random number of people viewing the page between 100 & 200, and it will be randomized every 2seconds.

Mainly the options with this app are really endless, your imagination is the limit, instead of paying a coder to make you tiny codes that might or might not work, with programmable it’s super easy to get things done.

Unfortunately, we didn’t document that app yet, as it’s not a priority at the moment and we’d love to improve it a lot before deciding to document it… though feel free to use it, or let us know what use case you need… usually when someone comes to us with a use case we recommend them a short programmable snippet which they can use in their entire funnel.