What is the best way to fulfill PayPal orders (as of 08/05/2018)

Hey I am almost ready to launch,

Your app is working, PayPal is working and it’s amaizing, BUT I have no idea how I’m going to fulfill the PayPal orders yet.

Could you give me a solution for this - also a time frame so I know what’s happening (if there are any updates coming up).

I love your app, but we need to get that part figured out.

Thank you!

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Hi @mfilev,

Currently, we have an export feature planned for this weekend update, that will allow you to export your orders, customers…etc as CSV.

That being first, afterwards we will be rolling out some series of GDPR updates to save your asses and our own :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: from being fined £20 million.

And then once the dust settles, we will be back on track with massive updates, we already have like 5 massive new apps waiting to be released, and they all are apps with a huge impact on both productivity and conversions.

We will be improving how our integrations work and add orders automation to the mix allowing you to export orders on the fly to a google sheet or through some sort of automation.

Mainly, there is really lots to be done, and it’s so overwhelming to get it all done at once, as much as we want to improve faster, we want to keep things under control…


I really appreciate the transparency and I’m sure everyone else does as well.

In terms of the fines please make sure it doesn’t fall on any of us LOL - then we are fine :wink:

Thanks for the update - excited!

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Hi @mfilev,

Here is the requested update, so sorry that it took longer than expected :wink:

As always share your feedback, ideas and suggestions :slight_smile:

hello! I currently face some issues while exporting ever since there is a feature to export from a date range. I could not see the product in the export file. I am using Paypal app v2.

Thank you!

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After the update feature to the export feature, it is now broken. I noticed that details like the product name and amount is missing from the export. In addition, I also noticed that some events that are not purchases are also included after further investigation. It would be great if we can have updates without breaking the current way of export that was troublesome but working fine.

Thank you

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In addition, I also just discovered that there are issues with orders with multiple products. In the past, every individual product has a row in the export sheet. Now, when an order has more than 1 product, I sometimes don’t see the same amount of rows in the exported sheet even though I could not see the product name.

For your debugging, I am using Paypal app v2 that encountered these issues. For Paypal app v1, there were no problems as I am using the webhook for the orders.

I hope these information helps! I really need this to be fixed as it has been days and I prefer not to manually fulfil the orders 1 by 1 :slight_smile:

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Hi @Strife,

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation, it really helped us solve this fast.
Though sorry for not fixing it earlier since we haven’t seen your post, it’s always recommended for new bugs/issues/features to start new thread and then reference any relevant topics if needed.

As soon as we saw your recent post, we got this issue solved, now it’s fixed… Enjoy exploring it… feel free to leave us any feedback, suggestions, or bugs we are all ears all the time :wink:


Thank you for the fast response @yassine! Your team is amazingly fast to react. I will surely update any issues earlier next time when I find any problems instead of waiting it out :slight_smile:

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