What's the difference between Marketing Funnels And Sales Funnels?

Is there any difference between Marketing Funnels and Sales Funnels? And what makes them different if any?


A Marketing Funnel is about capturing a lead (email, probably first name, last name and other lead details as well) and taking people to the point of a sale (perhaps handing over to a sales team in a B2B environment) maybe you’ll end up sending them to a sales funnel which is discussed below.

A Sales Funnel in the other hand, captures an email (optionally alongside other details if needed) and then leads people through the sales process straight away, through a series of sales pages (Upsells, Down Sells and Cross Sells).

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Probably I disagree, on what @samlee said, I personally prefer to think of a Marketing Funnel as a more global term for a funnel that is used for marketing in general. (it can be an actual physical real-world funnel) maybe marketing through Vouchers, Outbound calling…etc. While a Sales Funnel is a specific term defining a funnel that is specifically designed to bring in sales within the same exact funnel process.

There is a very fine line between sales and marketing, so much so that there really is no point sometimes trying to split them up!

Both sales and marketing are there to try and persuade someone to buy, both cost money (expenditure - someone gets paid to sell, right?) and both make money (sales). Both deal with psychology… but I guess if I was to define it more, marketing helps create the problem/ reason for the sales/ advertises the product, and sales solve the problem/ deals with the leads that come in. But honestly, it’s all the same!

Hence why everyone’s answers here are all right as well.