When will Payment gateway start supporting lemonsqueezy?

When will Payment gateway start supporting lemonsqueezy?

What’s the use case for lemon squeezy, to justify having an integration with it and Funnelish?

In addition to Stripe and PayPal payment gateways, we hope to support more options.

I am using Stripe to accept credit card payments and have suffered many fraudulent orders, which has caused my dispute rate to be very high and my account may be audited at any time. Does anyone have any good suggestions on how to avoid and reduce fraudulent orders?

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Increase RADAR sensitivity that usually works well,

Also, need to understand first nature of those fraudulent orders, are they coming from Fraud Card Testers or similar.

You can email our support and provide your Stripe acct_ id and we will get it checked for you.

Lemon Squeezy, I do not think it will make it into our roadmap anytime soon as things stand right now. We have added Airwallex recently and it can be a suitable alternative to Stripe, however I think you should address the root of the problem first and resolve any fraudulent orders, Stripe provides more tools to handle that than any other gateway.

First of all, thank you for your reply. I am now using Airwallex for payment, but only in Shopify stores. Non-Shopify stores are currently using Stripe, which often suffers from fraudulent transactions, causing my account to be at high risk. I am very worried about whether my Stripe account can support the day when you support the launch of Airwallex. I very urgently hope that you will support it. Is there a specific time node?

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We already support Airwallex, Airwallex | Funnelish Docs it was launched recently.

Stripe overall has the highest authorization rate, for fraudulent transaction I highly recommend using RADAR + allowing us to check what’s causing them, that way we can help you block them from our end if they are going through our platform.

Thank you very much for supporting Airwallex. I plan to read the documentation and try it out soon. For Funnelish using Stripe as a payment gateway, how do I enable RADAR+? Can you provide the corresponding documentation? Thank you again.

You can read about Stripe RADAR: