Where can I change PayPal Header?

On my live paypal checkout page there is a header with my logo on - where do I change this header image?

If you are talking about “PayPal Plugin” the classic version, that cannot be changed from Funnelish (but maybe from your business setup settings on PayPal itself).

If you mean PayPal App v2, that can be changed on your gateway.

I’m using v2.

How is this logo pulled in the first place?

I didn’t fill out the header/logo fields when setting up the gateway. I imagine that’s where I change it right?

I tried adding a url for a logo image but it didn’t change. Any idea why that is? Cache on PayPal?


Maybe it’s just your cache! as I see a logo on PayPal a big fat logo

It’s so big that it’s hidden behind the lower panel, I suggest you make it smaller…

PS. I didn’t crop the entire logo on propose.

I know. That’s what I don’t understand how got there? As I wrote I’d like to change it. It was there without I added anything in the header or logo field. Been playing around adding a smaller sized logo but the big ass version still displays

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I’ve sent this to our team to debug it :slight_smile:

So please allow some time for them to identify the source of that issue for you.