Why are people showing up on my customers page when they didnt order anything?

I dont know why people are showing up on my customers page when they did not order anything. The balance is 0.00 does that mean my payments are not going thru?

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Hey @Humblecommerce,

Those are your customers or in other words (contacts), meaning they have opted into your funnel, and not necessarily that they bought anything from you :slight_smile:

In order to see your real orders/sales, then go to Funnel > Orders :

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But in my ClickFunnels Contacts I have over 300 People in my Contacts list that opted-in and the Funnelish app theres only 40. Why is that? I just want to make sure people can purchase, I’ve already used the stripe test card and everything went thru. Is there another way I can test if it works?

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I assume, you didn’t add all of your funnels, and funnel steps?

Also where did you capture those customers details and when? before or after using Funnelish? Where they captured on a Funnel that was added to Funnelish or on a Funnel that was not?