Why Clickfunnel doesn't charge all my Shopify products?

Hi guys

I’m news of this community

I have a problem with integration than CLICKFUNNEL + shopify

after connecting these two I noticed that CLICKFUNNEL only loaded about 30 shopify products (with their relative SKU)

but did not load the remaining products of my shopify store (I have about 150 products)

can you tell me if you also had this problem?

how did you solve it?

thank you

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I personally never connected Clickfunnels to Shopify! nor do I see a reason why in the foreseen future! It will only add extra overhead!

To fulfill orders I simply download the CSV from Clickfunnels and send it to my supplier.

Hope someone else who has tried it could be of assistance…

Though I heard from some that the Clickfunnels integration to Shopify worked smoothly for them! (but didn’t check on the SKU’s limit)!

Also, you have 150 products! On a single funnel!!!

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Check out the AppTrends app for connecting ClickFunnels to Shopify.


Do you use Shopify + AppTrends + Funnel Lish + Dropified ?

I use all of them combine and it work very very well.

But do you have solution for multi variante or multi quantity?
I know app trend do this job but only CC payment, but do you have a solution for for multi variante or multi quantity payment by paypal?

hmm… Never tried any of those, but the multi-variants info are stored in Clickfunnels for PayPal and Credit Card alike, doesn’t make any difference what your customers use.

The only tricky part is multi-quantity, which Clickfunnels doesn’t support for PayPal yet!

I think it has something do to with the shopify + clickfunnels app intergration. It only shows the products from the 1st product page on your shopify store. A work around i just rename my products to show on the 1st product page and the app reflects only the first 50 products on SKU listings.