Why Is ClickFunnels So Expensive?

I am wondering why is Clickfunnels so expensive? is it worth it?!!


Well… that’s a bit not accurate. I mean when saying it’s expensive, we need to know compared to what?!
If you are saying it’s expensive compared to LeadPages, well I would say it’s way cheaper than its direct competitor Infusionsoft :stuck_out_tongue:

Comparing it to LeadPages

Let us first talk about how it compares to LeadPages, as I mentioned on this wiki articles, comparing Clickfunnels and Leadpages, Probably comparing Prices and features won’t be quite accurate. Clickfunnels Is good for something while LeadPages is good for another thing. It’s just that Clickfunnels happens to be able to do what LeadPages Is doing plus doing its own thing. Which is a big fat plus on my point of view. That way I would have to buy or use both.

Never to mention that while using LeadPages you certainly need to use tons of other (3rd party websites) that aren’t that cheap. While with Clickfunnels I believe the only thing you’ll need to have is an SMTP and you are ready to go.

Btw, SMTPs such as SendGrid, SparkPost…Etc are free forever, unless you start crossing 100K emails per month :o at that stage you must be doing at least couple million dollars per month. And you shouldn’t worry about paying 0.0001$ for each extra email you send above 100K.

##Comparing it to Infusionsoft
I haven’t had a chance to write any wiki article yet on the community about it. Hopefully some other member can do it, Or once I had chance to review Infusionsoft more in depth, As I personally never had the nerves to go beyond their awkward horror pricing page.

Infusionsoft is actually a CRM that ended up, building sales channels (sales funnels in terms of Clickfunnels). Infusionsoft I can see it as a direct nick to nick competitor of Clickfunnels. They are doing exactly what Clickfunnels is doing, in fact they have extra stuff (such as nice charts, reporting…etc) which Clickfunnels isn’t doing that much, But I noticed a trend now at Clickfunnels. That they are focusing more on providing rich insights and stats on your sales, conversions, CTR, Cart Value, Sales…etc.

As I said before, comparing two products according to their price is totally irrelevant, in fact it should be compared in terms of ROI, but since I have no insights about the ROI optimization that infusionsoft provides lets see their pricing structure for a moment.

In their pricing page I can see two types of fees:

  1. Setup Fee
    Starts from $999 up to $2,999.
    It makes no sense at all, that I need to pay them so they can create an account for me. It used to be that the client is the one who is getting paid, or rewarded for becoming a client. not vice versa.
    Though I believe their setup fee thing, is required, due to the fact that their software is really hard to configure and work with. Unless you are an aircraft pilot with tons of free time to waste, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. Monthly Fee
    Their lowest monthly plan starts from $199/mo, and it’s useless since it provides almost no value, the lowest plan they have that I think can be compared to the lowest plan Clickfunnels has is the Deluxe plan and it starts from $299/mo, and that is exactly what you pay for the highest Etison suite package at Clickfunnels. Their highest plan goes up to $599/mo.

According to that pricing, I believe offering your highest plan price as cheap as your competitor’s lowest plan is a big fat win for Clickfunnels.

So hell yeah Clickfunnels is absolutely NOT Expensive.

That’s it, Hope that helps!


haha, I wanted to ask you (@advert.free) If you have seen Infusionsoft pricing page before. unfortunately, I haven’t seen your question earlier :weary: as it looks like @yassine has done a full in depth writing about it already.

Really the only direct competitor Clickfunnels has so far is Infusionsoft, LeadPages is just like any other pretty landing pages builder and autoresponder. which is the task that any single autoresponder does (MailChimp, Aweber, SendLane…etc) and are probably doing it cheaper compared to LeadPages.

If you compare Clickfunnels, even on a feature to feature basis with Infusionsoft, it won’t take much to discover the huge pricing gap between the two.

And if you are really about making SALES and CONVERSIONS that are worth it, then Clickfunnels is the way to go, otherwise if you just need pretty landing pages, then you won’t ever need LeadPages at all. As there are tons of Hosting and Domain Registrars, that can offer you FREE pretty pages builders + hosting if you buy a domain name from them. Like Hostgator, GoDaddy…etc which might be a great deal to you if you are worried that much about the price :smiley: