Why PayPal Item’s Description is not always picked up?

Hi Sam,

It seems like PayPal doesn’t pick up the Item Description every time…

I just did a Live PayPal test order, and it only picked up 1 out of 5 total products purchased.

The item that It did pick up, was also sent to Active Campaign (the customer’s email was added to the appropriate list)

I checked the PayPal ‘Receipt for Your Payment’ emails, and I can see that the only item that was received by Active Campaign, was also the only item to have an ‘ITEM DESCRIPTION’ in the PayPal email - please see image attached.

Please help me fix this asap!

PayPal payments work, but the Item’s Description is not always picked up… There is no difference in the products, I checked their settings in Funnelish.

@samlee @yassine @James

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I am using 3 products on each OTO page, so I have the #multi-links .

I also have this code in the Footer of my page:

  if ($.cookie('funnelish_gateway') === 'paypal') {
    var cs = $('[data-title*="#yes-link"]');
    cs.each(function(){$(this).find('a').attr('href', $(this).attr('data-title'))})
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Hey @mfilev,

Unfortunately still couldn’t reproduce that issue on any of our funnels and using both apps (PayPal Plugin and v2)… none produced that same issue…

Can you please provide more details that might help speed up the process:

  1. What app were you using?
  2. Subscription or One Time product or both?
  3. Can you setup a non-live demo funnel you can reproduce that in? that we can use!

Any other details you think might be helpful are welcomed as well.