Would like buy PayPal App

nice to be here and to found funnelish! :slight_smile:

I would like buy the PayPal Plugin.
Now i have a pair questions.

  1. If i would like to buy today the Plugin with creditcard, can i switch to paypal payment anytime?
  2. And can i cancel anytime, if i don`t need the plugin anytime more?
  3. If a customer buy with Paypal, could he buy normally without creditcard?
    Because, i have customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and there, he can buy with Paypal and his deposited checking account.

We have there more payment options with paypal as in america

Thank you very much!
And much thanks for develope this plugin! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

Best Regards,

Hi @Lobi-Business Welcome in :slight_smile:

hmm… Yup of course,
But, due to the fact that funnelish itself is using the Backpack and the App in order to show it’s capabilities and of course to increase trust, it requires you to do that manually, (ie. contacting support, and then asking them to cancel your current billing account, and then start a new billing account without your apps account being affected).

Huh! Yeah! Isn’t that obvious :smiley:

Yup! they can use either Paypal or a Credit Card through Stripe, and even in many cases when Stripe fails to capture a payment for some dumb reason, your customers still have the option to use Paypal which virtually never fails… and of course they can checkout using a Credit/Debit card through Paypal as well, either through their accounts or without having a Paypal account but still doing so through Paypal…

PS. The dev team is working hard on getting more payment methods supported asap, so you’ll have far more options in Q1 next year.

Feel free to reply/or start a new thread if you have any more questions or concerns or ideas :smiling_imp:


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