#yes-link not capturing ID from product list

Newbie seeking help.

#yes-link is not capturing the product IDs from Product List. In the console all I’m getting is OTO Yes ⏵ [0], instead of OTO Yes ⏵ [480077]. I already have the switch turned on https://i.imgur.com/B1PJEDA.jpg.

Aside from the issue mentioned in the video below, after clicking on the button with the #yes-link, the page is not redirecting to the next step. The button I’m talking about is the one with label “Accept My Upgrade” 02.07.2024__yes-link not capturing product id.mp4 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast

Here’s the url for that page https://blog.myrejuvaknee.com/red-lightpro?preview=821146