Zapier connection to Teachable not working

I have the Paypal app set up on a client’s funnel. We have a zap for new purchases to create a Teachable login - it’s working for all other purchases, but not the Paypal purchases. From what I’ve read, it should work though. Any ideas?

PS - we had Paypal set up in Zapier and I have removed it. I know you can only have one connection to Paypal and I thought the Zapier connection was overriding the Clickfunnels purchase zap. It’s s

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hmm… Do you have your PayPal purchases tracked within the SALES tab (in Clickfunnels)? that could be the reason!

I never tried PayPal with Zapier! well… at least directly usually have Zapier and other tools connected to ActiveCampaign, and then AC connected to each individual product on Clickfunnels… since CF doesn’t trigger global automations (ie. Automations under the AUTOMATIONS tab on each step)… but instead it triggers email automations for each product…

Yes, the sales are showing up in Clickfunnels. The zaps aren’t working though.