Zapier no longer triggering (Clickfunnels and funnelish)

I have set up this type of funnel many times over the last year.

Clickfunnels to Funnelish (3rd party product)
Zapier monitors funnel (Simple 2 page order and Thank you) and triggers on successful sale.

A while back we needed to turn on “Track in CF only” so that it would continue to work.

But when I’m creating a new funnel now it will not work (Zapier will not fire/trigger)

Sale data is in CF and I can see the webhook has gone through and has data.
Zapier seems to be monitoring ok as it fires with just credit card.
It seems like CF is not picking up that its a new successful sale.

Anyone any ideas or seeing a similar issue.

On a second issue … if a user has a different paypal email then normally the sale is still added but just under the new paypal email.
But since switching “Only track In CF” this has not been working either.

I’m wondering if it’s all connected

Hi @michael77,

So as far as I understand Clickfunnels is not triggering the purchase zap for PayPal sales only?

If that’s the case I believe the problem is you’ve probably specified a “step ID” on your zap, in order for Zaps to work you will need to avoid selecting a step ID on the zap and just select a Funnel id only.

Since, PayPal sales in Clickfunnels are not fired on a specific step…

Hope that solves the problem, if it’s not the case just let us know more details or reach out to our chat support and will be there to help :slight_smile:

Hi Samlee,

Thanks for the reply… that’s solved it.

I wish CF would stop making these changes … they seem to not want us to work with them third party for some reason.

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