2 issues > Hide Stripe credit card fields and only Paypal + OTO CC missing error

Hi, Please help me with 2 issue.
1- When customer redirect from the order page to OTO and then click on the “add to order” CTA it shows “Your credit card was declined” error popup message. (It may send to paypal after closing the pop modal 2 times, and sometime it doesn’t) and as a PayPal only funnel this is really important to be fixed for me.
P.S: I never did a previous CC purchase.
ScreenShot: https://imgur.com/gF78yOd

2- How to auto redirect to the OTOs after each step purchase?

You quick response will be much appreciated.


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Hi @Mohamed_Ashraf,

Let me start with the second issue, In order to get OTOs to automatically redirect to next steps follow this tutorial:

You’ll need to configure your Paypal account to accept auto redirections just once.

For the second issue, i am not aware of it, though probably you might be clicking the OTO button too fast before the page loads?! (which your customers won’t be doing), but still even if that’s the case the Paypal App will try to load the paypal checkout on your popup…

thus, try to wait for the page to fully load before clicking the upsell button, or PM me or anyone of the team the link to your order form and oto page.

hope that solves your problem :slight_smile:

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