3 Products on OTO page (#yes-link-multi not working with PayPal)

Hey guys,

I really need to solve this problem because I have 3 products on the OTO page.

Only 2 of those products have a #yes-link (from the 1 click upsell button menu)

The third link is a #yes-link- MULTI - which apparently doesn’t work with your app.

Also if we want to upsell via a link (instead of a button), they are also in the same multi format ie. : #yes-link-multi-productID

Please get back to me and let me know what the options are.

Thank you so much!

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That’s true, we tried to do it, but Clickfunnels for no reason became over-protective! and made it impossible for us to figure out which link is which, unless your customers buy through Stripe, Clickfunnels doesn’t show the yes-link-multi ID…

Your options are trying out #yes-link-x and replace x with a number from 1 to N (number of products you have).

#yes-link-x: was working fine for us, and still works, in all, images, links, and buttons…etc

That’s not correct #yes-link-x works for ALL even images… you can input it manually.

The problem as we see it now is that CF doesn’t populate the product IDs for products unless the customer buys through Stripe! which is not explainable at this moment.

As a sum up, your options are:

  1. use #yes-link-x even if you had to use it manually, both Stripe and PayPal work alike with it… though you need to verify whether it allows more than 3 products for Stripe (for PayPal) we’ve tested it and it works just fine.

  2. If you insist then use #yes-link-multi, and then send us your OTO link and will try to build you some “custom” solution :wink: which you can use.

Hope that helps,

Omg that’s the easiest solution ever !!!

Thanks so much :smiley:

I will plug that in and test it out, while listening to this bomb a** classical music

You guys are the best

We will celebrate and pop champagne soon!!!

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Hi @mfilev here you go: