ActiveCampaign integration not working - URGENT!


I want to add my PayPal purchasers to an Active Campaign list once they purchase, so they can receive their order emails…

The integration is not working.

I have set the API keys for Active Campaign, and I set up the automations for the products.

I am testing with PayPal Sandbox, nobody is getting added to the list in active campaign.

Pleaseee help!

Hello I am still awaiting your response on this issue


I have NO TAGS selected in the integration. That field is blank.

Could that be the reason it’s not working?

Hey @mfilev so sorry about the delay :slight_smile:

PS. you could try tagging us using @ whenever needed your thread has gone unseen for long.

So for ActiveCampaign, As long as your lists are loaded that means it’s working in Funnelish side. for processing the requests of course.

And No, Tags shouldn’t be the problem though you could try it.

I’m going to send your case for further investigation, I assume you are using PayPal App v2.

Thanks @samlee , yes it’s PayPal app v2,

Could it be that I’m using Sandbox for testing?

I’m also on the Lite plan in Activecampaign … could that be the issue?

Hmm… Probably! But we should work on making it work on Sandbox as well if that’s the case and not something to do with your ActiveCampaign API.

Nop, that’s not the issue and shouldn’t be the issue :slight_smile:

Will follow up with updates

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Is this integration working for anyone?

I am testing so many different possibilities here and it just doesn’t work.

Nobody who purchases is being added to the respective activecampaign list.

It doesn’t even pick up the Order Bump / the products sold on the order page.

I must be doing something really wrong if it’s working for you guys…

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It’s definitely not because of PayPal sandbox, as I am testing Live now.

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I think it’s something wrong on our side @mfilev, not yours so please be patient till we roll out an update asap for it.

The problems seems to affect PayPal App v2. PayPal Plugin seems to work just fine.

I’ll keep you updated on how this progresses :wink: it won’t take long

Sorry again for the bug, and thank you for bringing it up :slight_smile:

Thank you sooo much !!!

There’s the two problems - the one where Active Campaign integration doesn’t work and the 2nd is that on the PayPal ‘Receipt for Your Payment’ emails the Item Description is blank.

I am using PayPal App v2, and I have single item checkout enabled.

I have 3 products in OTO pages, so I am using this script in the footer (because I have to use #multi-links to select the third product:

  if ($.cookie('funnelish_gateway') === 'paypal') {
    var cs = $('[data-title*="#yes-link"]');
    cs.each(function(){$(this).find('a').attr('href', $(this).attr('data-title'))})

I hope that helps!

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@mfilev, “that’s photoshoped” that’s what I was going to say about that screenshot if seen it somewhere else :smiley:

You can PM me the link to the Order form causing that issue… we’ll check it and will fix it asap.

Btw, (for next time) for issues it’s preferable to split them into separate threads and topics so that we can track them and make sure all solved on time.

Okay, will do!

This is the last issue I’m having so hopefully I won’t have to bother you guys at all anymore :slight_smile:

I just PMed you the order page causing the blank item description in the paypal emails.

Thanks once again!

Hey @mfilev,

This is just a followup on the issue… We’ve managed to get it fixed now it’s rolled out at least the “on purchase” event, the other events (on refund, …Etc) will be rolled out separately :wink:

Give it a try and let us know if still facing any problems, don’t hesitate to report any bugs (it’s not bothering us) it helps us grow and improve :slight_smile:

Thank you,

I am extremely grateful for this fix !!!

Thanks guys - I can confirm it’s working :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the support