Automatic redirect after payPal Transaction

I have a Funnel with several Up- and Downsells. Right now when the client buys the first product he stays on the pay pal site with a little button to get back to my funnel. After the second purchase even the button is not visible on the payPal Site.

When the client buys a product via payPal he should redirect to the next funnel step. How is the standard process in Clickfunnels with Funnelish and several products (OTOs).

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Exactly that’s how it should behave normally…

So first with that issue, that means probably you didn’t add your Upsells/Downsells to Funnelish correctly and TYP as well… When Funnelish doesn’t find a Thank you page or a next OTO page, it will keep your customers in the default PayPal order confirmation page.
So I believe there you have some mistake in your funnel (in Funnelish of course)…

Since you mentioned Upsells/Downsells, you should probably be aware that it makes lots of difference, here is a little definition of each and what its for:

  1. Upsells: They are mainly to upsell some other offer, and they are shown to your customers in every case.

  2. Downsells: This kind of steps are mainly used to offer a discounted offer to the previous one that your customers said “no” to already… Meaning the downsell won’t be shown to your customers unless they say “NO” meaning it comes right after an OTO all the time…

That’s how Funnelish handles them too :slight_smile:

Also, once you fix that issue first, we have a workaround to auto-redirect your customers from PayPal once they pay without having to click “return to merchant”, check this short tutorial:

Thanks a lot, that helps me!

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