Facebook pixel isn't working

Hi, the facebook pixel isn’t firing any events on any pages.

I have enabled it both at the funnel level and account level, with the pixel code added.

I’ve also manually added a view content pixel fire to see if the funnel was the problem, but it worked (now I’ve removed it).

Need this urgently fixed, I’ve tried about everything. Thanks.

Edit: I found that when I pause the ad blocker, the facebook pixel helper is saying events are being fired. However, they’re not showing on the ads manager when someone has purchased. Any ideas?

Hello @jamescuffey,

That’s indeed a known effect of the “Ad Blockers” on any browser they prevent the pixel from loading and the pixel helper from functioning properly. We do recommend that you disable the ads blocker on your pages to see the events being recorded.

As for the events not being fired when someone buys, I believe it could be because they never landed on the next page (eg. next OTO or Thank you page). PayPal (by default) shows an intermediary page after each purchase with a summary of the purchase and a “Return to merchant” button, which your customers have to click to get redirected back to the next step.

There is however an easy way to fix that, Simply follow this short tutorial: 1 Click Upsell Hack For Paypal Plugin On Clickfunnels, to remove that “return to merchant” step. You only need to follow that step only once on your “recipient” PayPal account.

Hope that helps, do let us know how it goes,

Hi, thanks for that. I had also done this: 1 Click Upsell Hack For Paypal Plugin On Clickfunnels and it still isn’t showing the purchases on the Facebook manager.

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Hmm :thinking: that means either no sales were made (after you made the change), have you made any sales through your ads after the change? also can you check your pixel data on the ads manager (Go under Navigation Menu > Pixel and select your pixel, and see if it has tracked any Page Views, View Contents and then Purchases), If none were tracked or there is a numbers mismatch for any reason, feel free to contact [email protected] and ask to talk for an agent, one will be assigned to you to assist you in person to go through your pixel setup :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,

Thanks, I’ve checked and it is recording the sales/page views etc just not all the purchases are being shown on the actual ads…very strange.

I look at my ClickFunnels stats and more then half the people aren’t going back to the upsell after purchase. I did follow the auto return correctly.

In that case @jamescuffey, I really suggest that you contact our support directly to get an agent to talk to who’s going to look into your setup perhaps could be there something you are missing.

Clickfunnels stats mean nothing to be honest, since they’ll mostly track the ones that went through Stripe. a better way of finding whether your pixel is tracking all data correctly throughout your entire funnel would be the Analytics tool inside your Facebook Ads manager… Just add your funnel under Analytics > Funnels and visualise it to find out whether the data is being tracked correctly or not.

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