Feature: Next Level Tracking (Clickfunnels)


Clickfunnels are very limited at tagging leads and this this probably the most important thing, if you want to create good followups. (I’m talking about 3th party integrations, ex.: activecampaigns)

If someone enters their e-mail on opt-in page, clickfunnels place cookie and can remember this email for months. The problem is that clickfunnels can’t tag leads by page visits. If you want to tag a lead, person has to click submit button, even if they already added their email on previous page.

At the moment if you want to tag a lead, you have to create hidden email input on your page and create submit button. People can’t see the email input, but clickfunnels can remember email and clickfunnels fills the email field automatically even if it’s hidden. This way I can tag leads on button click (i tested and it works).

It would be amazing if you would create app which improves tagging.

For example: I want to tag leads, who spent over X minutes on the page with “Saw-whole-video” tag.

Person visits opt-in page, they enter their email, I redirect them to value video page, after X minutes app should tag lead. If person watches whole video and clicks call to action button, then app should tag lead with different tag “Clicked-CTA”.

It’s very rare for someone to use clickfunnels integrated e-mails, most of people are using 3th party CRM like activecampaign, because of actionetics limitations. So this feature would be super duper useful.

Everyone who is selling through video would use this app… You would be total idiot to not use it, because at the moment it’s impossible to segment leads and send them different messages based on visitors behaviour.

What do you think about it?

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That’s quite a big one and we cannot guarantee that it will be done in the foreseeable feature, but would certainly make a great addition to our apps library.