Free Plugin: Clickfunnels country auto-selector

What is “Clickfunnels country auto-selector”?

This script plugin auto-selects a country of your choice and optionally hides it from your end-users. By setting a default value to your Clickfunnels country select box in your order form.

This might help in cases where Clickfunnels fails to track the country field of your customers.

How to add it to your Clickfunnels funnel?

  1. Open your Order Form funnel step
    clickfunnels order form funnel step

  2. Click on edit page button.

    clickfunnels SETTINGS > TRACKING CODE menu

  4. Add this script to your FOOTER CODE as it is

  var FNSH_HIDE_COUNTRY_BOX = false;

   $(document).ready(function() {  
       var country_box = $("[name='shipping_country'], [name='country']"); 

       if (FNSH_HIDE_COUNTRY_BOX) {  

  1. Add an input box* for country to your Order Form, If you haven’t already
    Clickfunnels country order form box

Don’t forget to set the Input Type to Shipping Country or Country depending on your use case.

  1. Replace “US” (in the second line) with your desired default country ISO code, (e.g. “UK”, “AU”, “GR”…etc).
    In case you want to prevent your customers from changing the country value, you may replace the true value above to false. that way the country field will be hidden from your customers but the value will be set to the value given.

  2. Hit save and that’s it.


A really nice plugin does the job correctly and doesn’t affect my order form load time. In fact, it increased the conversion rate a bit and decreased the error rate on our order form as well. Most people used to write inconsistent answers on the order form (e.g. “US”, “USA”, “united states”, “America”…etc)

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Simple solution, thanks so much - exactly what I needed for a physical (big!) product funnel. Cheers!

Actually - doesn’t seem to work with the updated address module in CF :frowning:
I’m guessing it’s an easy fix but my hacking didn’t get it to work :slight_smile:


This code removes the entire address selection on my funnels. Any idea what to do in order to keep the address but not the country (or have the country set to a specific country)?

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Can you share a sample link to a landing page or order form where you have that code to see what you mean perhaps that can help us fix the issue!