Funnelish Setup Instructions Missing

I’m extremely confused on how to properly set up Funnelish to have it working correctly.

@yassine you do not include any specific instructions that provide a step by step guide on the steps needed to get funnelish up and running.

As an example…

You say to add a new funnel to the funnelish account… but when I go to do that, it asks me for a “webhook” url. Where am I supposed to get that? I tried creating a webhook from CF and it asks me to input “a URL to an external resource not hosted by” in order to create a webhook. What’s the external resource URL?

Could you please provide detailed instructions in one place in order to get this application completely up and running instead of having me run around and do multiple searches to try and piece together information? I’m talking about instructions that would guide someone from step 1 all the way to the application installed and running.


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I’m so sorry about that confusion :pensive: I’m doing best I can to overcome the tutorials issue asap, as for your question it’s really easy, simply follow the instructions in this guide:

I’ll be working on tutorials asap, though my main concern/focus has been always advancing in our dev efforts rather than docs :slight_smile: but will overcome that asap, in the meantime please feel free to let me know if you have any other questions

@yassine can you show give me some instructions on how to attach my paypal account to the funnelish app so that when users select paypal, we get paid?


watch this full tutorial:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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@yassine when we have split test pages… what do we enter as the “funnel step URL” inside of funnelish app?

Do we enter this url shown in the image below or do we have to manually grab each url for the split test and create it’s own funnelish step?


You need to grab each variant’s URL (best way is to copy it from your browser as shown :slight_smile: ). Each variant is a different page, BUT in our app in order for variants to work you’ll need to fill in the variation URL of the step like below:

Hope that helps!

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