HEADS UP - Bug in Clickfunnels 3rd Party Access Products

HEADS UP anyone using Funnelish PayPal Plugin App.

Today Clickfunnels had a bug, making all your 3rd Party Access area products being randomly duplicated under Funnel > Products… making them shown in all your funnel in an ugly way.


Hmm… Don’t wait for CF support as they seem clueless at the time I’m writing this.

Just go straight and DELETE every dummy/duplicated product you have under Funnel > Products… That should make them disappear.

PS. It will take Clickfunnels couple minutes to update your order form, so they might be shown up for couple minutes after you’ve done the above.

If you have/get any PayPal purchases, don’t worry they’ll be tracked by Funnelish as long as you have the tracking enabled.

When removing the dummy/duplicate products, for some reason Clickfunnels removes the 3rd Party ones as well (ones used for tracking) making Clickfunnels unable to track any of your PayPal sales.

The down side of that will be that your automations for PayPal products will not be sent out (if not using Funnelish own automations). and your orders won’t be recorded in Clickfunnels as well…

Another temporary solution would be hiding the creepy products from your order form, which is discussed in this tutorial:

Feel free to leave any questions or notes or hacks that might help others below.

Enjoy your day :slight_smile:

Feeling very frustrated with the paypal app in general.

I have never gotten the funnelish paypal app to work. And this solution is sadly not a good one either.

Can I be refunded ? Or how do I stop the subscription if I can’t make it work?

Hmm I don’t think your post relates in anyway!!! To this thread.

  • If you have problems setting up any of our apps just start a new topic or let support know about it.

  • If you need cancellation, refund or other account related questions then reach out to [email protected].

Hope that helps, just remember that posting a vague post (it doesn’t work…etc) is not helpful to anyone in anyway. Post clearer questions and let us help you out.

A quick little JS snippet that can solve this until CF gets it fixed.

Drop this under “Tracking Code” in the footer area:


var toHide = ['1317508','1317516']; //these products will not show in the product selector. Enter their product IDs
$.each(toHide, function (index, value) {
        $('[data-de-type="order2step"] input[type="radio"][value="'+value+'"][name="purchase[product_id]"]').parents('[data-cf-product-template="true"]').hide();


Replace the IDs above with your 3rd party product IDs and they will visually hide from the browser, but still let you track as usual in CF.

Hope that helps!

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Nice one :slight_smile: @michaelshoup much appreciated.

I was writing one as well here: Clickfunnels BUG PATCH - Duplicate PayPal Products Removal

It’s much easier to use, just input the number of valid products you got, without having to figure out each product’s ID :slight_smile:

But much appreciated contribution it should be very useful for complicated situations when the products are mixed up.

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Clickfunnels support just told me that they’ve announced that the problem has been fixed… So no need to use that creepy code above at all, I haven’t checked yet though.