Help files Clickfunnels MD Paypal v2?

Where are the help files for how to integrate Paypal with Click Funnels MD for OTOs and 1-click upsells? I’m assuming (but hate to assume) we should be using Paypal v2 version if we have Click Funnels MD?

Inside Funnelish when I login it says there is a video under “how it works” but the issue is there is no video. When I click on "how it works for Paypal 2 there is nothing.

Can someone point me to the help files for Paypal v2?

I found the code and have installed it on the header within the funnel in CF but not sure what else we need to do besides the webhook url to track sales.

Also, seeing some complain that sales are not tracking? Is there a feature list of what is working and what is not so we can avoid wasted time??

I also never recvd my login email. I wound up finding the login url and was able to reset the login password. Thinking more info for how to get support and tech docs were in that email?

Thanks so much for any help. We are pretty tech savvy but just need to make sure we are setting this up correctly. I seem to be missing some important “how to” info that we can’t find.

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Hello Pam,

Those are really good questions, so here we go:

That’s our weakness, the problem being that Funnelish keeps being updated/changed entirely continuously thus making it hard to have any up to date documentation all the time, and even so that we have really humble efforts when it comes to that arena.

We have a massive scheduled update, re-structuring our entire platform and the way it works to make it more accessible, and more approachable with no need for documentation (though we’ll be releasing those too) now that Funnelish is more mature to do so.

Not true, You do not need CF MD in order to use any of our Apps, in fact, v2 is only made for multi-quantity e-commerce and it has a very limited set of features compared to v1, you can read more about that in here: Difference between Paypal App V1 & V2?.

Yes there is for the v1, and in fact the same concept applies for all the apps we have :slight_smile: very easy:

  1. enable the app under /Apps.
  2. enable the app under /Funnel > Settings > Apps.
  3. add your funnel to funnelish.
  4. add your tracking code to your CF funnel.

You’ll have to create your tracking products under your CF funnel Settings > 3rd party Membership area access… following the video in the “How it works?” (for PayPal v1) as the article I linked above v2 doesn’t support tracking sales in CF so that step is not of use and no need to do it.

They do work, it’s only a case by case thing and it gets solved on each case it’s always mis-configuration and works 100% of times :slight_smile: (For v1, for v2 you can see the differences and what is supported by each on the article linked above :wink: )

Hmm, Generally it’s only login details, and weird that you didn’t receive it, generally upon login you get an onboarding process that explains the whole concept and puts it in 3 easy steps…

That’s absolutely fine, and 1000% welcomed to ask about anything, your feedback and the feedback of similar users who take the time to ask and look for help and let us know about bottlenecks in the platform is what got us this far, from being a little code plugin to being an entire somewhat-automated platform :smiley:

Feel free to let us know more feedback, ideas or questions