How Funnelish Apps For Clickfunnels Work?

In this short tutorial I’ll be explaining the main concept all Funnelish apps for Clickfunnels use.

In Funnelish there are two different stages you should be aware of:

  1. Funnels Setup/Connection
    Each Funnel that needs to be connected with Funnelish must be setup separately under /Funnels with all its Steps and Products.
    This allows Funnelish to know exactly which Funnels are being used.
    To read more about adding your funnels to Funnelish just read the following article, it has about everything you need: How to correctly setup your Paypal products for the Paypal Plugin?

It’s a bit outdated (as of the time this tutorial is written), since Funnelish has come a long way since then, but same basics still apply.

  1. Apps Configuration/Connection
    Each Funnelish account has two different sets of configurations of Apps:
  • Account Level Configuration
    Account level configuration affects your entire account, and can be useful, in order to easily enable/disable or set a global behavior for each app without having to do so on each and every single funnel.

This configuration is required by ALL app, an App disabled from account level cannot be used within any funnel.

Each App can be configured by accessing /Apps > [App Name] > Settings.

  • Funnel Level Configuration
    This is used to enable/disable and personalize the the behavior of each App on a funnel basis.
  • All Apps need to be enabled at funnel level in order to be used for that funnel.

  • It’s a good practice to disable unused Apps on funnel basis.

  • Some Apps like Proofy and PayPal App v2 require being configured first at funnel level before being used…


As a sum up, In order to use Funnelish Apps you need to import your Clickfunnels funnel, steps and products to Funnelish.
And in order to connect a specific app to your funnel you need to enable it under /Apps and under Your Funnelish Funnel > Settings > Apps.

There is an extra (optional) stage can be referred to as sales tracking within Clickfunnels but that’s for another topic.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below :slight_smile: