How to correctly setup your Paypal products for the Paypal Plugin?

PS. This tutorial is out-dated instead we recommend following instructions in our docs Getting Started: Adding your products to Funnelish for more up to date instructions (The concept is still quite the same though).

P.S. This article is a “wiki article”, meaning any member can contribute to the editing, improving, correcting, adding more info to this article :slight_smile: So please feel free to do so.

In this little tutorial, I’ll be discussing how you can easily create your Paypal products using the new plugin, So let’s get to this:

STEP 1. Add your funnels to the app:

And then fill in the fields below:

  1. Funnel Name: This is only used internally, helps you remember what the funnel is about.

  2. Funnel URL (optional): This is optional, but might be useful on the upcoming updates… this is usually the first “order form” page URL on the funnel.

  3. Webhook Url: This field is required for tracking on Clickfunnels’ side, you can find your Webhook Url under your Clickfunnels’ Funnel > SETTINGS > 3rd Party Membership Access

  4. Currency Code: You can set your default currency code on an account level, it can be any currency supported by Paypal.

  5. Paypal ID: You can also set the default Paypal ID on an account level, This can be your Paypal Business ID or Paypal Email Address.

STEP 2: Add your funnel steps to the app:

Double click your funnel to access it. And then follow these steps to add new steps to the funnel:

  1. ADD NEW FUNNEL STEP: Click the button to add a new funnel step to your funnel.

  1. Step URL: This MUST be the exact URL of the page seen by your customers/visitors…Best way to get that URL is by visiting your page/step on your browser.

  2. Type: This MUST be your Step Type, at the moment we support three types:

  • Order Form Can be a 2step order form or a non-2 step order form.
  • OTO Page Can have as many OTO products per OTO step as you want.
  • Thank You Page

STEP 3: Add your products to the funnel step:

  1. Product name: Your product name, will be visible to your customers on the Paypal checkout page.

  2. Price: Self-explanatory…This will be the actual price “paid” by your customers for the product.

  3. CART PRODUCT: This is auto-generated when the product name changes. Copy this into your Clickfunnels Paypal product as the “CART PRODUCT” id, which helps Clickfunnels track your sales of the product.

  4. CART PRODUCT (Product + Order Bump): This is only used when you have an Order bump, to allow Clickfunnels to track your Paypal Order bump sales, copy this field into a new Paypal product on Clickfunnels, make sure that that product combines both the order bump and the product.
    e.g. You have a product named “Torch X123” for $9.99 and an Order Bump “Extra Torch” for $7.99.
    You’ll have to create two products on Clickfunnels, first having the price $9.99, another one priced at $17.98 (order bump & product prices combined). the Cart Products IDs for those should be set correctly to correspond to the ones of the product on the app.


Now start sending traffic towards your funnel (after testing it obviously), and enjoy the increase in conversions and sales.

Hello, do you means we should now use only this and not any more the old way to setup the plugin?
Because here I can’t see any way to translate the form fields and I can’t see any way to create recurring suscription product or payment plan.

And is it working too on 2 step order form that are on 2 different pages, like the “expert secret” funnel?


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Good questions,
So this new tool is offered only as a “bonus” to all previous subscribers :slight_smile: (like you).

And Indeed it’s meant to replace entirely the old script plugin, with a fully hosted one click setup solution.
You may still use the old plugin setup it won’t be affected in any way, but all upcoming updates, and maintenance and features will mostly be targeted towards this new plugin.

For the translations, at the moment the old translation technique should be working fine for the new app, but it will be replaced soon.

Recurring/payment plans are under development now and can be expected to be released within a couple of days maximum.

2 Step order forms are working fine on this plugin, and it supports having multiple order forms and multiple OTO pages and even Multiple Thank you pages on the same funnel.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:
And thanks always for your support,

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Thanks, it’s really great!!

Code added to heading area of CF section that’s funnel wide - CHECK!
Funnel added to app - CHECK!
Funnel step added to app - CHECK!
Product added to app - CHECK!

I was unable to get the webhook URL with this info…! But it doesn’t look like that would affect this?

I’m not sure what else I would need to do for this to work, based on the instructions?!

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Yep, your setup now should work great and you’ll start receiving payments already.

BUT, in order to track your sales in Clickfunnels (ie. to let CF know about your sales and track them for you, e.g. for membership…etc) then you’ll need to setup your paypal products inside CF as well.

You can get the webhook for your CF funnel, under “Your Funnel” > SETTINGS > 3rd Party Membership Access. and click create new product, and select paypal, and then copy the webhook given (this procedure is only needed once per each funnel)… and then you’ll be able to see your sales in CF as well.

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I must be missing something, because it all looks exactly the same as it did before…! I don’t think that it’s working…!!

Does it help to see the funnel order form page? It’s here >

I just created the product and set up the web hook, so that’ good!

I can see that your order form is not loading correctly, because of another script you are loading :confused:
this one specifically:

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="">


The code you copied from your app account, please add it first before any other code on the head code box.


so I managed to set up 1rst funnel and products.
There is no need to create the product on Paypal anymore… only on CF, is that right ?

Something on my funnel is not working still…

Here is my order form :

Yep, Your issue is so simple, you’ve just given the wrong URL (funnel step url) to the app:

Instead of giving it this one:
which is the actual URL seen by your customers (and the APP).

You’ve probably given it this one:
Which is only seen by YOU, and Click funnels.

Just use the correct URL and you’re ready to roll…

And YES, the new tool doesn’t need creating any Paypal products.

Hope that helps.

Hello Yassine,

thank you,
yes it helps ^^

So it works for my 1rst product now, just fine.

For the bump, it seems to work too…
but just to make sure.

The right way to do it is :

  • To set in CF the 1rst product + Bump (all in 1 product)
  • To set in your app 1rds product AND Bump separately

Is that correct ?

One more question : you set downsales exactly like Upsells ?

Thanks a lots
best regards


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down sales/upsells/cross sells/thank you pages… you can sell through all of them :smiling_imp:

A good hack for ecom, i used to do, was to mention some products similar to the ones my customers just bought on a thank you page, and the adding the yes links to them (e.g. product #1=“yes-link-1”, product #2=“yes-link-2”…etc).

And it was working amazing through paypal.

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Hi Yassine, you mean the yes link makes the Paypal payment work for 1 click upsell on TY page ?
and that’s it ?

Yep, for both Thank you pages and OTO pages. work the same…

Hi Yassine,

I almost set your plugin on all my funnels (finishing today).
Yesterday I made 2 sales through Paypal. This is very promissing ^^.

My question is (to make sure) : when you set a subscription product with bump, the idea is to create :

  • all separate products on the app
  • single product at subscription price (for example monthly charge) + monthly charge product WITH bump in 1 product

Is this right ?
Thanks a lot

Your plugin rocks :slight_smile:

Wow, this is just fantastic ^^

hmm… ok let me explain the concept of subscription products a bit.
On the app, A subscription or non-subscription products are set the same… (though in CF you cannot set a subscription as orderbump). But our app manages products/subscriptions same way CF stripe products does.

You want to have a product (subscription) + a one time fee order bump, then your setup will look something like this:

###At the App:
You’ll have two products, a subscription one, plus an order bump one (click the “set as order bump” button) to specify that the product is an order bump.

###At CF 3rd Party Side:
You’ll have two products as well… The first one to track paypal subscription when bought alone, and the second product should combine both the product (subscription) + the order bump (when bought together), So whatever automation you have when people buy both the product + OB, that Paypal product’s automation will be triggered.

###What Your Customers Will See:
If your customers decide to buy the first subscription product alone, then they’ll be charged starting from cycle period one the amount you set (or the trial, if you have any).
If your customers buy the subscription PLUS the order bump, then they’ll be charged (the subscription price + order bump price) for the first billing cycle (week, month…etc) and then they’ll be charged the regular amount afterwards.

P.S. As of the moment the app doesn’t support having both a trial period + an order bump, but later one we can think of a way to implement that.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for this insight. that’s very clear.
for the “subscription + OB” product, I should add the “CART PRODUCT (Product + Order Bump)” code right ?

Exactly! For the product of course (on the app)

The order bump product on the app, cart product ids can be ignored. (it will get removed on a new update)… So only copy the (product +OB ID) from the product alone.

So sorry to waste your time on this again but I seem to be stuck on the adding the webhook URL to the Funnel in the funnelish app.

Here’s what I am doing:

In CF I go to Funnel Settings > 3rd Party Tools > Add Product

Does the amount I put in here matter? And also after I create this where do I get the URL to be placed into funnelish?

Sorry for the newbie questions!

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