How to connect my first Clickfunnels funnel to the Paypal Plugin?

PS. This tutorial is outdated, for more up to date and thorough tutorials check our docs: Funnelish Docs.

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The process of adding the Paypal plugin to a new/existing funnel is fairly easy, simply follow these steps:

In Your Account:

  1. Under your Account Dropdown > MY ACCOUNT

  2. (Optionally) Set the default Paypal Account ID (Email or Business ID) and Default Currency used to capture Paypal payments

    Hit “save” in case you changed those.

  3. Copy “Your Code Snippet” field (CTRL+A and CTRL+C).

In Your Clickfunnels Account:

4 . Past that code into your funnel’s SETTINGS > HEAD TRACKING CODE

Voila, Your funnel is now connected to our Paypal plugin.


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I keep getting this error message: We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the “Ask Seller a Question” link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at

how can you guys help me fix this problem?

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We’ve got it fixed :wink: already :slight_smile: hope it works now.

Please let me know if there are any other issues…

Hi Yassine! I’m excited about using your plugin to offer both PayPal and cards on Click Funnels. I can’t believe that’s not a default options, but I digress. I do love CF. So…

I’d like to change my email in this spot, which I did change in the account settings, but it’s still showing a different email. Is it OK to change this spot? Or…? I just want to change the email to the email I use for PayPal (which is different from the email that I use for business emails, so my account was not set up with this email). So, is there a way to change this in the account? Or can I manually change the code, and it will still work?!


Hello @Eva,

So for the plugin, mainly it’s recommended to have same email address across all platforms and apps we have, that makes it easier for us to track you through our entire system + you’ll get access by default.

The email used for the -vip-email section, in case you’re using the hosted (discussed in the current thread). then It’s not recommended to use a different email other than the one you used to register on the app. (it doesn’t matter if it’s the personal one or a Paypal one).

PS. Manipulating the code is not recommended, and in fact it can affect any upcoming updates we run… so please keep it clean and use the exact code snippet provided in your account, it’s unique to you, if you to change the email address for some “weird” reason, then you’ll need to register for another account.

Hope that helps.

I can keep it as it is, with the email I use for email messages that is not linked to PayPal, if that is an issue. I already am using two different emails, by default, because I paid with my PayPal address but then set up the account using the email address I use for business.

Will I be paid via the correct PayPal address if a different one is in the code? Or is there a way for my email address to be changed for my account? (It seems to be uneditable, from what I can tell!)

Thank you!!!

I think you are a bit confusing “your Paypal business id/email” (ie. one used to receive payments from your customers); That one can be your business ID (given by Paypal) or your email associated with Paypal (u can have multiple). That email can be set in two levels as described in the article above, can be set on your account level (under MY ACCOUNT > Default Paypal Business ID/Email), and can be set as well at the funnel level (when creating/editing a funnel on our app). We’ve done that so we can allow you to use a different Paypal recipient account per funnel (if needed).

And the VIP EMAIL, ie. the one used to signup to the app, that email is not shown to your customers. It’s only used by our backend system.

In either case, please follow the instructions as provided in the article above, and you’ll be ready to go :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any other questions/concerns.

Hope that helps,

It does help! I did follow the instructions but felt strange that what was in the code wasn’t my PayPal email. I get it now. We’re good! Thanks!

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Hi Yassine,

I don’t understand your instructions here. When you say “Under your Account Dropdown > MY ACCOUNT”,
where am I supposed to find this ? On Click funnels ? Paypal ?

thanks ^^

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That’s in funnelish, right ?
I think I just found it…

Yep, It is on your Account.

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@yassine I don’t remember getting an account when I signed up? I just got access to this forum. I have tried using the same UN and PW as I used to login to but it says it doesn’t exist…

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hmm… awkward I thought you upgraded before since it has been quite some few weeks since we sent the upgrade email to everyone, could you please send me your email & payment method used, through PM.