How to redirect Paypal Payment Page to Clickfunnel Thank You Page?


I’m using Funnelish paypal plugin to accept payments. It takes the customer to paypal payment page but the customer is not returned to the thank you page in the clickfunnel. This is making harder to identify customer and pixel tracking. Can someone please let me know what to do here?


I’m experiencing the same issue as well.

Using Paypal Plugin V1 so that we can track the sales stats in CF.

The Paypal Plugin takes the user back to the next step in the funnel, however in our case that is NOT the Order Confirmation page. We have multiple order pages in the funnel, and then the Order Confirmation page at the end.

I’ve tried using the steps here to force redirect but it doesn’t seem to change the result:

Any thoughts?

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@digitalnilesh As long as you have your “next” step added to your funnelish funnel. PayPal will take your customers back to the next and next and next steps :slight_smile:

Do you have any steps at all added to funnelish after the first step, if that’s the case, then perhaps you need to share more details about your order form it could be a miss-configured PayPal account.

@michaelshoup, hmm that one-click upsell hack is only needed to return back your customers to the next step automatically and fast (for PayPal Plugin App)… It won’t fix that issue you have.

So same question I posed to @digitalnilesh have you added any next steps to your funnel, when Funnelish doesn’t know where to take your customers to next, it usually takes them to the default Thank you page assigned to your PayPal Account, and if that too doesn’t exist it will just keep them on the default PayPal thank you page.

Please share more details about your case, and we can get it solved ASAP!

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Hey @samlee thanks for the response.

Here’s a visual of how our funnel is setup. We have 9 different products that can be ordered and a separate order page for each. After checking out on that order page, they all direct to the same OTO (at the end of the funnel) and then to the Order Confirmation page.

The problem we’re experiencing is that if a user checks out with Paypal, it seems to simply direct them to the next ordered step in the funnel, versus deliver them to our OTO which is a few steps down.

Like in this instance, a user should flow:

  1. Order Well-Rounded - Order Page
  2. Additional OneBooks - OTO
  3. OneBook - Thank You - Order Confirmation

However Paypal takes them:

  1. Order Well-Rounded - Order Page
  2. Paypal Payment
  3. Order free/FORM - Order Page

This works fine using Stripe and CF since you can tell the order form what to do upon submitting the form.

We’ve added every step in our funnel to the Funnelish app even in the correct order.

Any thoughts? In general, it’d be great if we could just add a “Return URL” to the product built inside Funnelish to force it to return to the correct location, similar to how you do it with Paypal Buttons.

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Ok Now I think I understand your case @michaelshoup, and it’s probably easier to solve with not techy stuff :slight_smile:

Funnelish will take your customers to the next step in the funnel no matter what (the only exception being if it’s a downsell and they said YES in the OTO before it).

So don’t really try to tweak your funnel at all… The solution I’d recommend you follow is just split your Funnelish funnel to multiple mini-funnels… you don’t need to change your Clickfunnels funnel at all, but inside Funnelish, add a different funnel with a different entry point order form.

That’s the best solution for this case, and also it’s the only one that’s guaranteed to work with no maintenance if we roll-out any updates soon or later that might affect the flow of your funnel.

Awesome! I think that fixes the redirect issue.

What about the OTO… do we need a separate OTO page specifically for Paypal, or will the app know that if they came from a Paypal page to the OTO, that it should use the Paypal purchase settings for OTO instead of the Stripe default?

I ask because currently when we bring folks to our OTO via this setup, it simply displays the “Working” graphic and freezes. We do have 3 different upsell products on our OTO page, so perhaps it doesn’t know which product to choose from when the “Yes” button is clicked?

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Good to hear that, so for these questions:

Nop, one OTO would work fine, as long as the entry page is different, your OTOs can be the same exact pages. and it should work just fine.

Hmm, We just got another report of that, recently Clickfunnels introduced this thing called “yes-link-multi” which we don’t have any idea what makes it different from “yes-link”, “yes-link-2”…etc

Yes links should work for multiple items shouldn’t they! without having the “multi” part in them