How to redirect to the OTO page

I just bought the app and integrated the paypal button on my payment page.

Buying the first product worked well, but it didn’t redirect me automatically to my OTO page.

Also, without stripe integration, it seems like the price is not being dynamically updated.

I am guessing there is no point to have the payment page in the first place and just lead them right away to PayPal.

I also did the “click upsell hack for paypal plugin.”

What am I doing wrong?

Ok so for OTOs, to automatically redirect your customers to the next OTO you’ll need to make some changes to your paypal account following this guide:

Indeed, CF doesn’t update it for some reason! and best workaround for that has been always to create an ordinary Thank you page (instead of order confirmation one) at least for funnelish only.

Also since you said that you followed the guide I linked above already! did you add your OTOs to funnelish? maybe our platform doesn’t know where to take your customers next thus it doesn’t redirect you anywhere else!

Let me know if that works out.

Hey Yassine,

I made the funnel work, but I still have three questions.

1 Since I only use Paypal, it doesn’t make sense to me to send people after they click on “buy now” for my front-end product to send them to my order page, only to then click again on the Paypal button (your integration).

I want them to click on my “buy now” button and be send to PayPal right away. How do I do that? Do I paste a different code in the settings of that button?

2 I didn’t see the system fully functioning as a “one click upsell”.

After I purchased my front-end product, I got redirected to my first one click upsell. When I click on “buy now”, I am being send to a Paypal payment page that shows the price and I need to click “buy now” again to confirm my purchase.

The same goes for the second upsell.

Is there away to not have that step in between?

3 As I said before, when I click on my first upsell “buy now”, I am being lead to a Paypal page to confirm my purchase. On this page, it only shows the price but not the name of the product again. Since the customer already knows what he is buying, this is a small issue, but if it’s possible to add a name there, that would be great. If I can get completely rid of that step, that would be even better.

Funnelish doesn’t have any “buy now” buttons, there are yes & no links on upsells and that’s how CF works… all we do is when a user decides to buy an upsell we send them directly to Paypal! are you by any chance meaning something else! or have you implemented the setup wrongly!

Ok First of all charging people without their consent without that being done on a Paypal’s own page is against their TOS, thus everytime a user decides to buy an upsell, Paypal will ask them to confirm, and that’s normal and it does actually reduce disputes/chargebacks you’ll usually get from Stripe (for charging people on a single click)… but as for the number of clicks you need to make to confirm a purchase, it’s usually one (clicking the “Pay now” button) but sometimes Paypal decides to show different steps or procedure depending on many variables; whether you are usually using that IP address, whether that seller is trusted enough, both verified or not, having enough balance, signed in or not, and noticing any unusual activity.

Statistically speaking, by the time a customer X inputs their credit card’s 16 digits, and CVC and date (that if they managed to find their CC in the first place), another customer Y (using paypal) will have gone through an entire funnel of 16 funnel steps just by clicking through.

Thus to answer your question:

No there is no direct one, except verifying your account, and having a good stand with Paypal… but maybe checking your Paypal account settings!

That’s kind of weird! since it should be showing the exact product name & price :slight_smile:

Can you send me the link to that page!

Hey Yassine,

Regarding my first question, here is how my funnel works:

VSL page
Thank you page.

My question is regarding the VSL page.
My buy button (CTA) appears after the VSL played for 25 minutes.
Withing clickfunnels there are multiple options when setting up the “button action”:

  • Submit order
  • Open pop up
  • got to next step in funnel
  • go to website/url scroll to row/section on page
  • show hide action.

When using stripe (for credit card integration) it makes sense to select "go to next funnel step, so it leads you to the order page where you fill out your address and credit card information.

But since I only use PayPal and not stripe, I don’t need an order page. I want them to click on my buy button and be lead right away to PayPal so they can purchase my course.

What action do I need to set on my buy button?

If I just use Paypal (no funnelish integration) you create the button within Paypal and then they give you a link that you simply paste into the button action “go to website url.”

I don’t see an option like that with your app right now.

Or am I doing something completely wrong here?

It seems like the funnel doesn’t work at all unless I have an order confirmation page (which in my case is an unnecessary step).

Regarding point 3, ever since I removed my order page, the entire funnel doesn’t work anymore.

I suggest we focus on fixing the first point first.

Let me know if you need more clarification on this.

No that’s exactly kind of funnels we are trying to avoid, you see now with funnelish whether you want to use Paypal alone or Stripe or both or even other gateways, you can keep using the order form as provided by Clickfunnels :slight_smile: and we will do the heavy lifting for you without having to restructure your entire funnel, and that has been the goal since the beginning.

Just use an Order form, with an order form element or two step order form (either is fine)… and then on funnelish just disable Paypal.

Indeed you are :smiley: we are trying to make the CF experience the same for you same as other users who have been using Stripe…

Hopefully you can follow the notes stated above, basically our current user experience logic is based on making the process much smoother and won’t collide with CF’s own logic… thus removing the need to having any such thing as buttons or custom links or any hard wiring within your funnel.

Hope that helps!

Hey Yassine,

Thanks for your help!

Is there any way that the purchased items are being dynamically updated (at the end on the payment page) even if I just use PayPal?

Hi @will
Currently u cannot… but i have plans toimplement that really soon…

how about now? any implements yet?