Looking for the Paypal Plugin? It's HERE!

If you are looking for the actual Clickfunnels Paypal plugin, then you can grab it here:

Have questions/concerns about the plugin feel free to check/post them in the #plugins category.


Wher do the customers that already paid go to get it?


Just your email, we emailed you over a week ago :slight_smile: just check the email you used to purchase the plugin first time :slight_smile:

I can’t use stripe. Just PayPal.

I have one frontend product and 2 one click upsells.

Is is possible to have all 3 pages just showing the PayPal button with the app and still have the one click upsell work?

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Hi @will,

Actually, with that app, you DO NOT need any Paypal BUTTONS anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
Just install it, add the tracking code and voila :slight_smile:

You can use it to activate Paypal alone if needed or Stripe alone, or both combined or even a different combination of gateways :wink: depending on which ones you might have locally.

Hope that helps!

Hey Yassin,

Thanks for the fast answer.

I forgot to mention, I am using clickfunnels.

If I would want to set this up for my funnel just using Paypal as sales system, do you also provide a tutorial for that?

Lastly, what is your refund/cancellation policy?

Let’s say I purchase your app for a month and it doesn’t work on my page, will I get my money back?

You don’t really need a tutorial for that, because it’s as easy as turning off a switch on your account under Apps > Paypal Plugin > Settings.

Hmm… For cancellation, you can cancel anytime by contacting us through the support email.
For refund,for a full Month NOP :smiley: but less than a month yep, you can ask for refund :slight_smile: just make sure you ask for it before the next scheduled payment comes in :slight_smile:

Generally we avoided having any mention of the refund policy on our entire funnels/websites… Just because for the time being we wanted to really focus on people who really need our apps and who are ready to commit the time to use them…thus cutting us some resources in terms of customers support :slight_smile: which is currently limited.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Yassine,

I am gonna go ahead and buy it to try out.

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Feel free to start new threads on the community with any questions you might have or feedback :slight_smile: and I’ll try my best answering them on time.

Enjoy :wink:

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