My order form is showing BOTH Paypal products and Stripe products

My order form is showing both Paypal products (created in the Settings section) and the Stripe products created in the Products section in Clickfunnels.

Could you please help me with this?

Why is this happening?

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Hi, @mfilev,

That’s a bug that occurred in Clickfunnels today, and created some random dummy products under every Funnel > Products, According to CF support they don’t know how many accounts are affected… but they are working on resolving it…

There are some ways around that though, please check this thread:

Same but when I create add a Paypal product, it AUTOMATICALY create a clone with STRIPE product (same name)…when I delete them (cause I get 1 more product and 1 upsell on my order form), they delate also PAYPAL products.

Was working well until 2 weeks ago

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Hey @le_Bouzin,

Perhaps that bug occurred again on your account, that bug happened 2 months ago, and it was fixed by Clickfunnels team.

Hope it doesn’t occur again on a large scale like before, I would say contact Clickfunnels’ chat support and ask them to fix it… they are the only one who can.

We’ve made a workaround back then here: HEADS UP - Bug in Clickfunnels 3rd Party Access Products which you can use temporarily till Clickfunnels fixes it for you.