OTO Button not working after Paypal payment

Hey guys,

so I finally got my paypal redirect to work, but now I am stuck on the first OTO page.

So this is what happens:

I select Paypal on the order page, I get redirected to Paypal, I pay with Paypal, I will get redirected to the first OTO page (which is the next step in the funnel), here I try to buy the OTO product by clicking on the button, but it gets stuck and just says “working…” as a progress indicator.

Any ideas?


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That means one of these is wrong:

  1. You didn’t provide the right URL to Funnelish for your OTO, make sure your OTO URL is same as shown in your browser.

  2. Or, You are using #yes-link-multi, which is explained in this thread: Funnelish - OTO #yes-link-multi Not Working

Hope that helps