OTO page showing "WORKING"


I have 1 order page and 2 OTOs.

when I was testing, I bought the main product, Then the OTO, and then when I click to purchase to buy the 2nd OTO, It shows me a “working” sign and doesn’t go ahead to confirm my order,

Can anyone help? @yassine @samlee

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@misbah11 that means your OTO is not connnected to Funnelish properly either you are using “yes-link-multi” in which case you have to follow this tutorial: Using Clickfunnels' "#yes-link-multi" with Funnelish PayPal Apps?
Or, that your OTO step URL in Funnelish doesn’t match the one in your browser.

Just check the two cases above that’s the only possible reason,

Hope that helps, let me know how it goes!