Pay Pal and Fancy Card not visible

from the day of the other, the funelllish order form ist not visible. I´ve already send the order form link (PM)
I have activated the pay pal / fancy card plug-in but there are not any more on the order form.


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Ok just got your PM :slight_smile: I’ll check it and get back to you with more details

Ok just checked it, and apparently, you forgot to add the tracking code to your Clickfunnels funnel :slight_smile:

You can get your tracking code by going under Account > Profile, then scroll down. Copy/Past that code into your funnel’s main head tracking code,

Let me know if that works :slight_smile:

No sorry, but the funnelish tracking code is already placed into the header settings of the funnel.

Please check:

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hmm :thinking:

then probably CF is taking some time to propagate your changes! perhaps a DNS cache delay, what you can do now is check your step’s preview (url) and see if it has your latest changes, you can also share that link with me as well

The Clickfunnels Preview has the changes included, the original URL not. In both cases the funnelish form isn´t included. I´ve send you the links.

I´ve deleted some scripts and checked the urls in funelish. Now it works fine!

Please keep us posted… I’m having similar issues… the PayPal section appears sometimes, and other times it does not… it seems to be “triggered” to appear after I make a significant change like swithching from PayPal v1 to v2, but then I check again in 6 hours and the PayPal section vanishes…

I’m curious if your fix is permanent or if you get the same issue… thanks

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That’s not true @ugcrew, but if it’s the case then it’s a MASSIVE bug you should let us know the exact url in which it takes place so we can check it,

Recently noticed that some users are having cache problems with their Cloudflare DNS being delayed, when they make changes to their funnels it takes longer than 2 minutes to propagate but that has nothing to do with Funnelish, taking into account that all Funnelish apps are realtime, so perhaps providing more details if still facing that problem will help finding the rout of the problem

Do you have an iPhone to test from? I’m not seeing the PayPal option on my order form from my iPhone SE, but it shows up fine on my wife’s LG Android.

To troubleshoot, first I cleared cookies and cache in Safari and reloaded my page. Still no PayPal. So next I installed a brand new browser on my phone that I never used before, Firefox. And still when I load the page in this new browser, no PayPal.

So unless the iPhone has some independent web cache that is shared between Safari and Firefox, I think I’ve found another bug.

Update: it’s now appearing on both browsers. It’s “fixed” now but I assure you I have done nothing to my Funnelish settings, Click Funnels settings, DNS, nadda for at least 24 hours now.

So to give a better idea of timelines: about 24 hours ago, PayPal was not appearing from my iPhone but it was on my wife’s phone. She was on a different cellular network than my phone. Fast forward to 1 hour ago, it wasn’t working from my phone still and I ran the Firefox test. And now in the present time, it’s appearing ok on my phone.


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Yup that’s definitely a DNS problem, perhaps next time you can “purge” your Cloudflare cache for that website or funnel.

And we do test all the apps in as many browsers and devices as we can including iPhones, but mostly we rely on our users to point us to any bugs they might face and we fix them fast.

Hi. My paypal payment option has suddenly disappeared. Is there something wrong going on with this right now?

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Yassine, as mentioned before, I don’t use Cloudflare. Do you have another explanation?

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And if you use Cloudflare to deliver your scripts to my pages, why would it show an updated page and then a day later revert back to an old version of the page?

A delay is one thing … but having it change back and forth over and over again is a different problem.

Thank you for reporting this. You’re not alone.

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Now my Paypal payment option suddenly came back :slight_smile: Crisis over.

It may disappear and reappear again. Keep checking it.

hmm is that the case for you? that’s not technically possible I guess