Paypal App V2 Not Working


I am using Paypal App V1 on many funnels and it works seamlessly, it is really great !!
Now i am trying to switch to Paypal App V2.

I have followed the instructions here to add the payment gateway How To Create PayPal Gateway For PayPal App v2?

But impossible to complete an order with paypal payment :’(

can you please guys have a look and tell me what to do ? (eg page :, it was working perfectly with PayPal App V1 but not with PayPal App V2)

also, do you know if / how to make sure the user will be automatically redirected to the next funnel step (upsell / thank you page) once the payment is complete ? i found no way to do that on PayPal App V1, but it might be possible with PayPal App V2 ?

Many many thanks guys

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Good question mate, exactly on point…

As you see PayPal App v2 has seamless redirections of users without having to do absolutely anything else from your side, but when it comes to v1, then you will have to follow this tutorial in order to make it redirect seamlessly without customers having to click “Return to merchant”…

That’s hoe you should do when it comes to seamless redirections in PayPal v1…

And I checked that page you linked, and seems like your PayPal App v2 setup is working perfectly fine, can you specify what’s the exact issue we should be looking for?

thank you for getting back to me yassine :slight_smile:

in fact everything seems to work well but once the customer pay on paypal he is redirected to the order page and the payment is not happening …

please check this demo :

i really don’t get what’s happening :’(

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