Paypal/Facebook Plugin on Clickfunnels only tracks some PayPal purchases - FB Ads

Using Clickfunnels with stripe/paypal plugin/facebook plugin. All stripe purchases are tracked correctly and show up in my FB ads conversions.

However, when users make a purchase with paypal, they go through the exact same funnel, but around 60% of the purchases never register with the pixel.

If I get 10 PayPal sales a day, the pixel will only show 2-4. However, all the stripe purchases register just fine.

Looking for some advice to fix this as it makes optimizing FB ads extremely difficult when I’m missing out on important conversion info.

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Hey @jp31308,

The issue I think is that your customers never return from PayPal to the next page, as soon as they pay they leave, thus your pixel on the next page won’t be firing…


PS. By the way, if you are not using our Facebook Pixel App, then you should be it’s way easier and more accurate as well.

Hope that helps, let us know how it goes and will be happy to assist further.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I am using the FB Pixel App. As of today, It didn’t register a single paypal sale. I’ll try the redirect and see what happens.

Question. I’m assuming I should set the redirect URL to the first OTO page’s URL. If they then purchase that OTO and go back to PayPal to confirm payment again, how will they get to my 2nd OTO if I have my redirect forcing them back to the 1st OTO’s URL? Would this just keep them stuck in a loop?

Nop, That Redirect URL is only required by google it can be anything you own at all, and 100% of times your customers will never see it or get redirected to it, it can be the home page of your website or something similar.