Paypal order form not appearing, only button. Followed all steps

Hey there. So before funnelish I was using the Paypal v2 integration offered in clickfunnels. This shows 2 buttons: paypal and paypal credit


Ive installed funnelish properly and the order form won’t appear, only the two buttons. I don’t have stripe integrated btw. How do I fix this?

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I believe It’s the same as discussed in this thread:

Can you check it out, and share your Order form URL in case still facing the problem?

Hey there. I’m still facing the same problem. Here’s my order form url

FIXED. i didn’t check “PayPal app v2”. I thought I only needed to check the “PayPal” plugin

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That’s weird as you should NOT use PayPal Plugin (ie. V1) along PayPal App v2 You may only use one at a time.

Yup I was wrong. It wasn’t PayPal v2.

Ok here’s how I fixed it! The reason the PayPal buttons would obstruct funnelish is because the products I’d add in clickfunnels in the products tab of the order form would have PayPal has the billing integration

I bypassed this by incompletely adding stripe as a billing integration in CF. I just gave it a name and never set anything up. This allowed me to select stripe in the products tab instead of PayPal and using that would allow funnelish to show up

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