PayPal Plugin: "Could not find payment information"

Hey Team & Yassine!

I’ve looked over the other topics and I believe this is a different issue. This page won’t submit for PayPal when it’s on:

Everything is setup: Products, Pages, Settings (turned off now - page is live), but it keeps throwing the error “Could not find payment information”.

Any ideas why this is? I’d be happy to turn it on for a moment or 2.

A few notes:

  • I took out all of the Scripts in the headline to see if they were causing the issue and the same error occurred, so it isn’t the scripts - it’s something else entirely.
  • This is in a different Funnelish account than my own - I build funnels for multiple clients
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hmm… I’ve seen that case couple of times :slight_smile: generally your funnel step is neither an ordinary funnel step, nor a two step order form…

So first of all, some tips:

  • Upviral & neverbounce are breaking your step (make sure to check that out) when unbounce runs out of balance you won’t even be able to receive new contacts :confused: I would rather get tons of fake contacts than getting none… (I tried optin in for testing and it didn’t work)…You can still use them but make sure to get those errors fixed, they are super costy.

Now back to the Funnelish Paypal App, in order to get it working correctly all you need to do is simply add an “email” box (input box with “email” as the field type)… and in case you want it hidden you can do that :slight_smile: since your page looks like a two step order form to your customers (in design/layout) but it’s actually an ordinary order form (optining in one step and buying in another)… thus, all the order form rules apply to it, mainly:

  • The need for an email box on the order form. And,
  • The optin step (first step page in your case) must also be added to funnelish as well.

Hope that helps :wink:


Extremely helpful on the Neverbounce side - thank you! We started getting complaints right when you let us know and it helped us fix it - thank you! Rethinking that strategy now.

However, there is an email input value hidden on the page (and it’s variation). So that’s not the issue. If it wasn’t there, we couldn’t make general orders, and we’re clearing orders daily.

Any other ideas? Thank you!

Hmm… I tried optin in again but it still not allowing new optins!!!

I recommend cloning that exact funnel and then install the apps you want on the unused clone, that way can debug it and figure out what’s wrong without having to stop your live funnel.


Ok - built a new funnel without all the code (including Neverbounce & UpViral). So here are the new pages & funnels - but when I setup the system, I get the same errors.

Order Page:
Setup Video:

Thank you again!
PS - love the new app updates!

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Hi Ben,

It has been quite a while :slight_smile:

First of all I enjoyed watching that video overview I wish we could make the same videos for you guys in return, but we are a bunch of nerds :smiley: we could die of a heart attack in front of the camera or Microphone! hhh :smile:

So the problem you have is pretty easy to be honest:

  1. You’ve used “PayPal App v2” instead of “PayPal Plugin”, the former is new and not battle field tested (well not enough) but it will get there over the upcoming few days… PayPal Plugin though should’ve worked on your case smoothly.

  2. If you want PayPal App v2 to work for you along couple other apps (such as Proofy) you’ll have to configure them on the funnel level as well, by clicking each app under Funnel > Settings > Apps that should bring the properties panel…
    This article can be useful to explain how Funnelish Apps work generally:

Let me know how that goes, will be happy to assist you to get that funnel moving :wink: