Paypal Redirect after each OTO?

Hey there,
I just signed up for funnelish and was under the impression it was a true 1 click upsell with pay pal. Is this correct ? Or does funnelish require the customer to click “yes” to the oto offer and than it redirects them back to pay pal, they say yes again and than it redirects them back to the OTO 2 offer and they say yes and than it redirects them back to pay pal where they say yes again and than onto the OTO 3 etc etc ?

Any clarification would help … I was previously using carthook and they were able to have a true 1click upsell with pay pal, so I might just be missing something.
Thanks very much!

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Hi @threadjunction

So the way Clickfunnels works is we simply use Paypal Express which is available to every single Paypal account.

Paypal Express unfortunately requires your customers to confirm each payment whether it’s an OTO or not.

There are plans to have Paypal Pro and Paypal Rest implemented that will be able to have direct OTO redirection without the need for confirmation at the customer’s end.

Ahhh gotcha! Thank you for the detailed explanation … is there any ETA on the time line for that? Like is it something in the working pipeline that will be executed soonish or just kinda something we would love to get to at some point?
It would be a massive step forward! either way, awesome product! thanks again


Thanks for invite @James, February is going to be a massive month, full of updates… we’ve been holding back some major updates for last month… New apps, new features, there is work being done on all features requested by the community… and certainly that’s one of them.

In case you got any other feature requests, or things we can do to improve your experience simply start a new thread for it :slight_smile: we’ll do our best to get ready asap.

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Hi @yassine,

Has the true 1 click upsell been released with PayPal v2?

Hmm… 1 Click upsell, the way Stripe does it, cannot be done on PayPal except once you get reference transactions approved by PayPal… which they don’t approve very often.

But the PayPal v2 app, has a much smoother OTO redirection indeed.

@yassine, Can you be more specific? I’m not clear on what the expected behavior is. How exactly is it more smooth?

Well… smoother in two senses:

  1. No need to re-configure your PayPal account following this tutorial: 1 Click Upsell Hack For PayPal Plugin on Clickfunnels (You don’t need to do that for the PayPal App v2).

  2. When a customer purchases using PayPal, once the Pay they get “Instantly” redirected to the next OTO. As Payments are authorized at early stage of the process, making the redirection instant… which can be noticed… In PayPal Plugin (after following the hack link above) after paying you’ll always see a spinning bar, and have to wait like 1-3s before it moves to next page which isn’t bad at all, but the way PayPal App v2 is cleaner.

  3. Possible upgrades, Once we have enough demand for it (hopefully) and we can get PayPal approvals faster (knowing how) we might enable reference transactions which technically means you’ll have one-click upsells same as Stripe without confirmation.

Hope that helps explaining your questions :slight_smile: