Paypal redirection not working + dynamically updated instead of writing the product name

Hi i have setup paypal , its working takes the payment but once you complet the payment it stays on the paypal page it does not automatically go to the upsell page. so than you click go back to merchant it brings you to the upsell page manually, but no the thank you page instead of putting the product price like it does when you order with a credit card, it just says Dynamically Update, these are 2 urgent problem need to fix

waiting for your reply

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Hello @mobiteky_geek,

For the first redirection problem it’s very easy to fix, just follow this short tutorial:

As for the dynamically updated fields, well the problem is much deeper than that, but there is a workaround, in Clickfunnels create a generic Thank You page at the end of your funnel, then replace the TYP in Funnelish with the generic one, thus, when someone buys using Stripe they will see the dynamically updated fields updated correctly, if they use PayPal they’ll see the generic Thank you page with no order confirmation…

The issue above is Clickfunnels does not update the Order Confirmation element with purchases made using 3rd party gateways, even if we manage to put it together to show the products bought, there is no way to put download links in there…

Hope that helps, let us know how it goes :wink: