Paypal v1 stopped working suddenly

Hello, Paypal v1 has stopped working suddenly for my funnel. Could you help to fix this? It has been 1 day. Lost loads of $$$ because of this. Thank you! @yassine @samlee


Ive been also experiencing the same problem in the last 24-36 hours …please help !

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Hello @australianherbal & @Strife

Thank you for letting us know, we are investigating it :slight_smile: will fix any issues asap.

Will update this thread as we progress…

Hey guys,

The issue has been solved :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

First of all thank you guys, for letting us know about the issue.

And here is a little explanation of what happened:

Very late last night we rolled out an update (we usually do during the night when traffic/sales are low)… the update was mainly improving how the apps work, and speed of loading a little…Plus putting the base for some couple more apps coming in couple weeks.

The update somehow had impacted some accounts, causing for PayPal to disappear, which is a safety measure, so you won’t lose sales At ALL! your Clickfunnels will still work even if PayPal is broken for some reason… that’s why PayPal silently disappeared, and your Credit Card Forms kept functioning just fine… Other apps were not affected including V2.

Anyways the bug seems to take place only very late last night (since 2-4am)… not really 24-36h :slight_smile:

There were some updates in CF, changing how they process payments, and we made sure to sweeftly update our apps immediately to accomodate their changes… and we always monitor for changes, and updates from their side even bugs sometimes, and we release patches, updates accordingly to keep both platforms working smoothly without any freaction and without even you knowing about it :wink:

Really hope that helps, feel free to let us know if you encounter any more issues we are more than happy to tackle them in a timely manner

Funnelish™ Team,


Looks like this issue is back after the recent update.


I don’t think that’s the case, If this related to Need HELP! the Paypal OTO not working for the NEW Interface then it has been fixed already, As with all updates some newer bugs might be introduced and with the help of your feedback and reporting we will be able to fix them on a timely manner.