Paypal V2 Redirect to Order Page after sucessful PayPal purchase

Hi there,

first of all - great tools u guys build!

My problem:

I installed PayPal V2 the first time today and it redirects me after the successful purchase to
the order page again. No redirection to the OTO page.

my funnelstep (order page) is :
OTO funnel step is
Order confirmation page:

I checked already:

  • payment gate
  • funnelsteps & URL’s in Funnelish

No idea whats the issue.

Please help! :slight_smile:



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Hello @basti,

Thank you for that :slight_smile: we are doing our best.

Hmm :thinking: That issue seems strange another user reported same thing if i remember but then he said he fixed it, I have no idea what you have in common but certainly could be a cache problem or something? Can you try redoing the purchase in incognito mode?

Hi there,

no - incognito mode wasn’t the issue. I gave it a shot.
I tried Paypal V1 first since i’m a member of Funnelish and this works for me.

But my goal is to use PayPal V2 because of the fast redirection and without
this “back to merchant” scenario.

What else could be the issue?


Now i ran a test with V1 and in this case I came one step further as in V2.
I turned on V1, hit auto direct in my Paypal account and in this scenario it stops on the OTO page.

I clicked the yes link and it shows infidently “WORKING…”

FYI: Stripe works pretty well. No complaining…

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Alright so please let’s take it step by step,

First of the “Back to merchant” it can be resolved very easily, just follow this simple hack: 1 Click Upsell Hack For Paypal Plugin On Clickfunnels.

As for this:

Hmm can you share the OTO page concerned? I’m sure it’s a common issue like most of the threads in this forum that say their OTOs are not working, it’s either because of using wrong URL or using #yes-link-multi.