Paypal V2 vs V1


I am using the paypal V2 app and I am having the problem that my orders are not showing up in clickfunnels, only funnelish.

I currently use the apptrends integration from clickfunnels to shopify.

I am wondering what the difference between Paypal V2 and V1 is? Will V1 orders show up in click funnels?

I am using a two step order form. I have 5 products on that with an order bump. Then I have an OTO with multiple products on it.

Thank you for your advice in advance.

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That’s the exact difference between V2 and v1 :sweat_smile:

In fact, there are more differences to that check out this answer:

Hope that helps :wink:

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@samlee you can never have it all can you :sweat_smile:

Has anyone figured out a automated way to export from funnelish to shopify?

Have you thought of an integration with apptrends? Their app is great.

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@samlee can you also define multi-checkout?

Apptrends there are no plans to integrate with them currently, but we have plans to integrate with Shopify directly.

Multi-checkout: is the ability for your customers to select one or more products to buy at once, instead of selecting a single product.

@samlee does that go for the OTO as well? You need V2 to have multi-checkout in OTO.

Were there problems with OTO’s and the V1 app?

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Hmm no Multi-checkout is only for Order Forms, technically in an OTO your customers will only click a single button Yes-1, Yes-2 or No …etc as they get charged immediately there is no way to buy multiple products, but if there is yes V2 would have supported it already :wink: