Shopify + Funnelish Integration Issue


i have gone through Shopify | Funnelish Docs, but could not find what i got stuck.

Basically, i have linked funnelish orders with my shopify orders.
So, when someone places order in funnelish, i get notified in Shopify. No problem. Great!

The issue is the customer data (shipping address, name, phone no etc) is not updated in Shopify orders. this is sooo annying and time consuming. now, i am updating the customer order section in shopiy one by one inserting their data. because the orders placed in my funnel did not get updated automatically in shopify.

can someone help please?
thanks in advance.

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When address details are missing from Shopify that usually means the country field was not collected properly.

Some examples:

  • Not collecting the country field at all (any would do Shipping or billing).
  • Collecting custom countries but using wrong country codes, eg. UK instead of GB or USA instead of US. Country names must be ISO-alpha-2.

Hope that helps