TaxJar bugs fixed, and other fixes

TaxJar issues fixed:

  • TaxJar used to not work when given the full name of a US state (eg. New York) instead it has to receive the iso2 code of the state (eg. NY) This has been fixed, as long as you use dynamic state/province.
  • Dynamic state/province option now uses state abbreviations to store states, which works better with TaxJar, Shopify etc.
  • Dynamic state/province option now works even when using custom country select box also. This helps users who ship to a limited number of countries to still benefit from dynamic states/provinces.

Other bugs fixed:

  • P24 caption text translation bug fixed.
  • Non-collapsable order summary elements with discounts fixed.
  • Product preview when a product is selected on image and image slider elements fixed.

Thank you for your continuous feedback!