Translating Country list selector in Clickfunnels 2 step order form

Hello wonderful community!
I want to translate the list of countries that you have in the country selector in a 2 step order Form (ClickFunnels) Or at least I want to translate 1. That is Spain.
My market is 100% spanish and they look for “España” instead of “Spain” and many people complain.
Do you know any app inside Funnelish or a custom code that could replace that particular field?

Thank you so much!! I’m really enjoying Funnelish!


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Actually, this post solved my problem temporary > Free Plugin: Clickfunnels country auto-selector

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Hello @josep,

Welcome onboard the community,

Use this code it will easily translate any countries on the countries list for you:

let CountriesToTranslate = [
   {name:"CA", translation:"Canadá"},
   {name:"ES", translation:"España"},
   // Add new countries after this...

for (let i = 0; i < CountriesToTranslate.length; i++) {
   let country = CountriesToTranslate[i];
   $(`[name="shipping_country"] option[value="${}"], [name="country"] option[value="${}"]`).text(`${country.translation}`);

Step 1: Copy the code above into your Clickfunnels’ step

Make sure the code is copied into the page’s Tracking code > Footer Code box.

Step 2: Change CountriesToTranslate array

By removing those two entries or adding new ones if you wish, you can add new entries (country translations) by appending this line:

{name:"A", translation:"B"},

After the "// Add new countries after this..." , the comma ‘,’ is part of the line.

Replace A with the ISO-2 country code, and replace B with the translation you want to be shown instead.

Step 3: Save changes!

Save your changes and try it out…

Tag me if you face any problems with the code above or have any questions…