[Video included] Customers getting "decline" message when using Paypal


Funnel ID: STBP Cold Traffic [RFS]
We have noticed that we are getting virtually no OTO sales in our funnel when customers pay with Paypal. When people do not go through funnelish and pay with Stripe are OTO is around 30% so this let’s us know it’s a Paypal (Funnelish issue).

I can see in my clickfunnels sales dashboard the initial sale comes through but then there are sales after from the same customer (OTO sales_ amounting to zero.

We have hotjar installed and are recording visitors.

I found the most recent customers recording who paid with Paypal and as you can see, she clicks “yes add this to my order” but then she gets the message that her card was declined when she should’ve been redirected to Paypal to authorize the OTO purchase.

We are losing lots of sales because of this. In the past I have found that if I delete the funnel step in funnelish and recreate it, it solves the problem. I did so last week and we got an OTO sale immediately after indicating it was working but now it’s happening again.

I have just gone ahead and deleted and recreated it jut in case that’s the solution but I can’t keep having this happen.

FYI, I believe when this funnel was created in Funnelish we duplicated it from another and changed the URL steps accordingly. Could that be the issue?

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Hi @paulm616,

I’d usually look into the OTO itself to make sure that the “yes” button is actually connected correctly with Funnelish (and the OTO page as well)… When you try to buy your own OTO what happens? Also in case you have multiple OTO products (ie. more than 2) in the same page or in case your OTO uses “#yes-link-multi” for the OTO buttons then you’ll have to follow this tutorial: Using Clickfunnels' "#yes-link-multi" with Funnelish PayPal Apps? to set up your OTO buttons properly (it’s usually not required though).

Hmm, what I can recommend if the above isn’t the case for you is contacting us at [email protected] or posting on our Facebook group and provide links to your order form and OTO pages that way we can look into them and analyze them.